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In ‘You Time,’ you will discover all you need to know about becoming a better man. I’m sure we all know how to make the very best of ourselves, but sometimes we could do with a little bit of guidance. Here, we will talk about your money management, careers and the professional you. Perhaps you could do with some tips on dating and relationships, or suggestions on how to bag a woman and keep her.

We give frank and honest advice about all things relating to your sexual health. It is important to be able to talk openly about sex and the problems that you may encounter with your sexual health and well-being. It’s paramount that there are useful, informative and straightforward discussions about these issues, as they are part of your everyday life. Not sure who to turn to for advice? The Sexual Health section of ‘You Time’ can help answer any of your awkward questions.

Plus, we will discuss things associated with culture, in the hope that we can enlighten you by introducing you to the arts and lifestyle topics of the moment. You’ll be able to impress your friends, partner or escort date with your new worldly knowledge.

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