A Little Bit Of Sunshine

When it comes to careers and work, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that you want to do without having tried out a wide range of experience. The majority of us will work in an office, with very little natural sunshine to brighten up our days. This can actually be quite detrimental, as the sun ‘keeps our circadian rhythm in check and makes us feel better’, and so if we go for extended periods of time without a bit of light and heat from the big ball in the sky, we can become quite miserable. This, in turn, can affect our work productivity and isn’t the most efficient way of boosting moral. If you’re looking for someway to inspire your workers and get the best out of them, have an office with large windows to allow for as much sun as possible. Of course, the glare on the screen can be slightly annoying at times, and given that the average worker spends more than five hours sat at their desk, you will probably need to find something to counteract this annoyance.

An Extension of Yourself

In order to promote creativity and get the best out of people, you need to have an environment that is both stimulating as well as comfortable. It’s not just your office space, however. You need to ensure that your home is a place that you want to be. It’s the place you go to get away from it all, as your respite and sanctuary, so it makes sense that you tend to and care for it. That’s why any home that you visit of a call girl from Chic will always be the most relaxing environment you could ever hope to be in. By creating a warm and inviting place, you are a showing that you are not sidestepped by the little things in life and you put in the effort. Our home says a lot about us, and it’s important that we maintain it. It doesn’t need to border on OCD (there’s nothing worse than someone shouting ‘COASTER!’ as your beer bottle hovers over the table you were about to place it on), but certainly be aware that your home is an extension of yourself.

Let the Stress Melt Away

When decorating your bedroom, you should remember this is your place of rest, where you come to let the stresses of the day just float away as you sail off into the land of nod. You dream about things that, whilst not making sense, can add so much to your creative output in life. Stay away from harsh and strong colours, and instead go muted and understated. If you do want colour, have them as accents in ornaments that find themselves spread around your boudoir.