Can it really be as simple as a film can change your life? Probably not directly, but it might set in motion a series of events that are a consequence of your actions that you only chose because of changes you wanted to make having been inspired/moved/shocked/repulsed by a particular motion picture. Whilst there are sure to be some people who alter their way of life to reflect the negativity of a film, perhaps convinced their calling in life is to be a hitman, the majority want to change for the better. They might see something of themselves in the main character. It might be that they relate to the person. It doesn’t have to be a film with a happy-ending to inspire someone to change their ways. It can often be all too cheesey when it’s done this way, anyway. But we’re more likely to be affected by something when there is a negative outcome. When the person is so down and out that there was never any chance of recovery. And when it’s this bad, it can be hard to know if you ever will recover. Watching someone else go through it is sometimes all you need to take the positive steps to make the changes to better your life.

If you’re having real problems that you want to get sorted out, then we would probably suggest some more serious methods rather than watching Disney films and hoping it works out for the best. But sometimes we don’t realise just what course our life is taking until we see something that makes us take a look at ourselves.

We are all very different, and that’s what makes the world such an exciting place to be. If we were all the same, it would absolutely get very boring, very fast. So what works for one person’s life might not always be the greatest for someone else. But in general terms, as in ethically what is good and bad, there is normally a clear line that you know not to cross. There are plenty of other decisions we make on a daily basis, however, that affect our lives, that aren’t necessarily illegal or immediately life-threatening, but we should absolutely be wary of how often we might be partaking in something that is not of the greatest standing in the world. For example, smoking. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, and you can bet your bottom dollar that your friends that are non-smokers won’t appreciate you always leaving them at the table to go for a quick one. But when you’re going through pack after pack, it might be time to reevaluate and see just how awesome life can be.