Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Top to Toe Massage is the manipulation and soothing therapy for the whole body. Mild aches and pains are commonly felt between most of us. Massage can alleviate pain in an effective way. We relentlessly make demands on our body, always pushing it to carry on, regardless of strain. Even in cases where the sensation worsens, we’re reluctant to ask for help.

Our busy lives, taken up by countless responsibilities, are partly to blame for this. Combine that with so many people not able to recognise an ailment until the last minute, it is no wonder there are many sufferers of back, neck and all over body pain. We’re so used to self medicating and popping painkillers to mask the pain, that we forget there are alternative ways we can help ourselves.

Massage is a form of complementary medicine, which cites itself as an additional, or sometimes better, answer to Western medicine. By applying pressure to the body’s nerve endings and pressure points, massage encourages relaxation with the manipulation of the body. There are a number of treatments that can deliver overall relaxation. Shiatsu, Hellerwork and Reflexology are relied upon therapeutic forms of massage, although there are other kinds that are equally as beneficial. The rhythmic gliding of hands, gentle strokes combined with kneading and systematic movements in particular areas are all motions that are required with any type of massage.

There are, however, many other methods of massage. A whole host in fact, that can be beneficial for a number of different reasons. As well as being used to treat stress and anxiety it is also used by those undergoing treatment for more acute health problems. Its fundamental use is to prompt relaxation and help control pain; one of the many reasons for its popularity. Within the Top to Toe section, we’ll discuss in more detail the specific massage therapies for each of the areas on your body. We’ll aim to impart information of head, neck and foot massages, plus many more. Whether you want to reward your partner with a fulfilling body rub or even treat yourself to a foot massage after a long day, we’ll give you some tips on how to achieve this.

There are so many benefits to indulging in an hour or more of massage. Denying yourself the opportunity to completely relax and indulge in a calming experience is not good. Overworking yourself leads to illness, so it is essential that you schedule some time in the hands of a professional. Or, at least in the hands of your partner, who can lovingly tease and rub away any knots, tension and stress. Massage of all kinds is therapeutic, promoting relaxation, and that is something that we all need to do more of.