Kent Escorts

In the south east of England, the county of Kent often goes by its common nickname of ‘The Garden of England’. This is in most part down to its rural landscape and wide expanse of green scenery. A lot of the Kent is village-esque, but that’s not to say people from this part are out of touch. It borders Essex and has a defined boundary with the county as is determined by the Thames Estuary that runs betwixt the two regions. The majority of those arriving in England via the Channel Tunnel or by ferry will hit Kent soil first. In fact, the county itself actually shares a border with France, halfway through the tunnel. Because of its location to London and the rest of Europe, it has been the front line of several conflicts, most notably the Battle of Britain.

The London Commuter Belt, which refers to the metropolitan area of certain sectors surrounding the capital from which it is considered possible to commute in and out of the city. Because of this, there is an abundance of gentlemanly workers looking for a good time and plenty of Kent escorts at their disposal for their leisurely perusal. The companions who work with us, do so because we keep them working on a regular basis with a constant supply of clients. It’s not just that the women are willing to work, it’s that they are often requested either by regulars or newbies who are spellbound by the pure beauty of the Kent escorts available at Chic.

The women from Kent, unlike those from other districts in England, don’t have a bad reputation. They are not looked on as cheap and tacky, nor are they considered snobbish and judgemental. The bevy of babes from Kent do not fit into any category. They are so individual and unique, you’d be pushed to find two that are identical. This is why we are confident that in our gallery of escorts in Kent you will find one that fits your taste perfectly; whatever your preferences. One of the main attractions in Kent is the giant shopping centre, Bluewater. With a thirteen-screen cinema and over 27 million visitors a year, it’s easy to see why it is so often frequented by the population of Kent. If you’re not a fan of shopping, and are instead looking for some of the most beautiful escorts Kent has to offer, you’ve arrived at the correct destination.