Canadian Escorts

Found in North America, Canada is the northernmost part of the continent, with borders covering both the Pacific Ocean as well as the Atlantic. If you take into consideration land mass, Canada is the world’s second-largest country in terms of total area. Whilst England can’t boast about its size, it’s the quality that counts and when you discover an agency like Chic with some of the best Canadian escorts London has to offer, it can be hard to resist. Bordering the United States, the Canadian accent is often confused with the American one because of certain similarities. Though the two are often confused, the Canadian style is much softer. This should not be translated into meaning the girls from the area are the shy and retiring type. Whilst too many people are quick to say American girls aren’t of an overly classy disposition, it’s said that females from the neighbouring spot are much more friendly and approachable. So the next time a gorgeous gal holds open a door for you, chances are it’s a Canadian escort.

Where they come from, temperatures can dip to well below freezing with snowfall often producing several feet of the white fluffy stuff. They’re used to the cold, so will be used the sporadic climate of England. They’ll feel just at home here as you do. The country of Canada has spawned some of the most beautiful actors and actresses the world has ever seen. Ryan Gosling, Pamela Anderson and Kim Cattrall (who we must point out is one of our favourite characters on Sex And The City) to name but a few.

Whilst we can’t guarantee Chic has look-a-likes for all famous people from Canada, we can assure you we have blonde bombshells, reminiscent of Pamela when she first started out: young, blonde and bouncy. What more could you ask for from the girls working as Canadian escorts? They’re all just as much fun as Kim Cattrall’s character in Sex and the City. With a can-do attitude, these girls are pretty much up for anything. It is predominantly for this reason that Canadian escorts are highly sought after companions. They’re covetable ladies who don’t go with any Tom, Dick or Paul. They don’t need a seven course meal to feel appreciated, but it’s recommended you treat them with the respect they deserve.

Canadian girls are the under appreciated models of the North America continent. Sharing the spotlight with American females can be tricky, so they have to go the extra mile to get some screen time. Luckily, Chic has sourced some of the best working Canadian escorts in London town, all for you to enjoy. Without the egos that stereotypically go with other girls from particular countries, these ladies are nothing but a good time. Relaxed, at ease and rolling with the good times. They know how to chill out. But they’re also not afraid of working hard and are firm believers in the customer is always right. They also believe that the customer comes first, making sure the needs of the customer are the being met. After all, these ladies are providing you with a companion service. You are the paying customer.