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There’s one thing Bond Street is known for – shopping! Parts of Bond Street are known as Old and New Bond Street but these terms are out of common usage in the area. The street was named after Sir Thomas Bond a property developer from the 1600s. In the street, which used to be known for it’s fine arts community, you’ll now find fashion is king. You’ll find all the top fashion brands in the world represented here to the benefit of the local population. There is also a famous statue on the street known simply as “Allies”. The statue is of Winston

Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt, who are sitting on a park bench in conversation. Take a photo next to this notable and well-known representation!

Bond Street comes up a number of times in popular literature. Bond Street is mentioned in Jane Austin’ s novel Sense and Sensibility and in Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Wolf, it’ s also on your original Monopoly board – check it out! Bond Street is known a Europe’ s most expensive retail location and rents are what is colloquially known as “ through the roof” . You can find stores such as DKNY, Tiffany & Co, Chanel, Rolex, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci and Cartieron these streets. Definitely check it out if you’ re in the area.

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