Spice Up Your Life

August 31st, 2011

It’s always good to have a little variety in your life. Sticking to the same old thing can become a bit dull. We’re not saying that routine isn’t good; sticking to what you know can be a real comfort. Take a step outside of your regular routine and try something a little different, you may like it. Lots of men have a particular ‘type’ of woman they like to date. A certain kind of woman they prefer physically. A tall stunning leggy blonde or perhaps a Brazilian beauty? But settling for a favourite may mean you are denying yourself a little variety.

Everyone has a favourite drink, but you wouldn’t consider drinking a Mojito from morning till night. Mixing things up and trying new things can be just as rewarding. This is how we feel about dating escorts. Sticking with one female escort can be very beneficial. You can get to know one another, strike up a friendship, talk about similar interests and enjoy the same pastimes. But, have you heard of the saying “the grass is always greener’? You might not know what you’re missing if you never try it out.

If you are used to dating English escorts, girls with a classy and sophisticated manner, but you are longing for the taste of the exotic, then we can help. Our agency has a bounty of beauties for you to date, that are simply irresistible to men. A popular choice, worldwide, Brazilian escorts have a vibrant and alluring appearance and the personality to match. Their curvy figures, caramel skin and coco coloured locks matched with their fiery Latino passion makes them truly irresistible. Take a taste of the exotic and date a sensational Brazilian escort.

Talking of all things spicy; some men like to enjoy a date with an Asian escort. For a true taste of the East, without the expense of travelling, you can enjoy a meeting with a petite Asian beauty. Although, if you really want to turn up the heat on your dating experience then the African and Caribbean escorts at Chic London have a lot to offer. Sultry and sexy these girls will leave you tongue tied and gasping for water to cool down.

There is an abundance of attractive ladies at Chic London escort agency. So, if you want to spice up your life and try something a little different, then look no further. Visit the website and see what we have to offer. You might be spoilt for choice!

A Touch of Fairytale in N2

August 26th, 2011

The N2 escorts at Chic London cover the districts of East Finchley, Muswell Hill, Fortis Green and a few more. Muswell Hill is a prime locations for many commuters who wish to live in North London. Although the area is not served by underground or rail transport links, there are many bus routes available which take you to the City and West End. Many people visit Muswell Hill to see the famous Alexandra Palace. This is a perfect place to meet a N2 escort. The palace is open all year through but look out for some spectacular events that you may wish to specifically visit. The Alexandra Palace looks particularly exquisite in the winter months when the outside is lit up with lights and there is a cold chill in the air. You and a N2 escort can wrap up warm and enjoy the wintry weather, snuggle up, arm in arm and take in the picturesque surroundings. An exemplary date with a N2 escort in London’s renowned Alexandra Palace would be to visit the rink. Used for both recreational and professional use, the rink has recently gone under substantial refurbishment. You could skate, hand in hand around the rink delighting in the humour of falling over and finding your feet. Perhaps you and your N2 escort could obtain some lessons from the private instructors or partake in the ice skating courses together?

The Ally Pally, as it’s endearingly known, is the centre for music, sports and events and is set in a building which is full of culture and heritage. There is lots to do at this public and recreational venue; you’ll be spoilt for choice. With 196 acres of beautiful parklands and grounds, there is so much to take in visually. You can quite easily spend a day here, on the boating lake, having lunch or dinner in the restaurant and staying for drinks afterwards.

The N2 district offers some interesting and cultural places to visit. Whether you are looking to book an escort for an outcall or perhaps meet a N2 escort in one of the districts; you are sure to have a fantastic time. Why not meet your N2 escorts for a romantic and picturesque date at the Ally Pally. Walking arm in arm with your chosen stunning female escort, she’ll feel like the princess of the palace and you can be her prince charming.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to create a fairytale date in the district of N2, then don’t hesitate. Browse the gallery of all the gorgeous girls at Chic London and make a date. Don’t delay.

Dress Dapper for your Date

August 24th, 2011

Your first date approaches. It is with a woman who you have been longing to pluck up the courage to ask out. She is gorgeous, 5ft 8 with long, wavy, brown hair. She is you ideal woman. You want this first date to go right. You need to make a good first impression. Maturity, sensibility and of course getting your outfit just right is essential. English escorts believe that turning up to a date in the right outfit automatically puts you in good stead. By this, they mean, dress like a man. Dress in a way that will show you are going to her and the date seriously. The date could lead to a commitment and she could be what you are looking for. Physical attraction matters, especially when meeting someone for the first time. It is the initial thing that will determine feelings towards one another. Women like to see that a guy has made an effort. Throwing on a pair of jeans and an un-ironed shirt may be comfortable for you, but does not give off a good impression. The right clothes smarten and strengthen your appearance. They can enhance your positive features, just by choosing the right cuts and colours. English escorts believe that understanding what colours and styles suit you best, makes your overall appearance seem more considered.

Imagine arriving on a date with an escort who has greasy hair and a pair of tracksuit bottoms on. This would scream to you that she doesn’t look after herself and hasn’t made any effort to look appealing. All of the female escorts at Chic London look absolutely stunning. The will arrive on your date looking gorgeous, well dressed and elegant. Women will spend time in making sure they look their best when going on a date. Not just for you, but for themselves too. Making the effort to dress in a particular way, will boost your confidence and is likely to make you feel more sprightly. This positive vibe that you will emanate whilst on your date will not only be encouraged by your clothes but by the way they make you feel too. The way you dress says a lot about your personality. It is the first thing that speaks, before you even open your mouth. Make sure it says the right things. English escorts in London love their men to turn up on a date looking like a gentlemen. When on a date, especially to dinner, English escorts like their dates to dress dapper. A smart shoe, trousers, shirt or polo-shirt and a sharp jacket is more than acceptable. Even a smart pair of jeans is appropriate depending on the date. As long as you look like you have considered your attire and look presentable, then a good first impression will be achieved.  

Twice as Nice

August 22nd, 2011

Considering booking an escort? Then visiting Chic London escorts is your answer. We have some of the most alluring, irresistible female escorts in the business. The only downfall is, you may stumble upon a problem. There are so many gorgeous female escorts that you may be spoilt for choice. Trawling through the gallery of pictures, you’ll see lots of stunning girls that you could date. However, with so much choice you many have a hard time choosing. Even if you have whittled it down to two girls it may be hard to decide on which one to book. Rather than wasting time trying to narrow your choice down to one girl, why not book two? Two girls are much better than one, right? We don’t believe in letting you go disappointed and there is no chance of that when you book more than one gorgeous London escort.

To top it all off, it couldn’t be simpler. Visit Chic London’s website, browse the Duo Escorts page and pick the girls that take your fancy. If you have seen a girl from another page on the website and you would like her to be part of you duo escorts experience, then just ask. We pride ourselves on being able to accommodate your needs. When you’ve chosen, pick up the phone and make your booking. You can either book for an instant meeting, in which case the girls will arrive approximately 45 minutes after your booking is made (this depends on the postcode of the meeting point). Or perhaps you want to book in advance; something to look forward to at the end of a hard week? The girls will be chauffeured to your door, whether it be your home or perhaps a hotel room. All of our London escorts are 100% reliable and professional. They offer a discreet service and take pleasure in ensuring you have a good time.

What’s more, duo escorts offer double the fun. When they arrive not only will they be fantastic companions but they also have added touches that make them special. Skilled and professional masseuses, they can rub you down after a very long and tiring week at work. Just what you might need. They will be more than happy to spend an evening in your company, so what are you waiting for? Available 24/7, you can book any one of our girls at any time of the day. After your mind-blowing date, don’t forget to leave the girls you dated a review. You’ll be so happy you chose Chic London escorts!

Get Her Body Confident

August 19th, 2011

If you are lucky to land a date with a women you’ve been pining after then congratulations. I bet you think she looks stunning, you’ve looked at her often enough to think so. You love the flash of her neck when she swishes her hair. The fullness of her cleavage that peeks out between the undone top buttons of her shirt. You love her toned calves and the slimness of her ankles. But you are yet to see her naked. You’ve imagined it, but have yet for it to be a reality. Finally, you are on a date with said woman. Dinner, drinks, flowing conversation. The night is going swimmingly. You walk her to the tube station and say your goodbyes, wanting to remain a gentleman. However, wine induced and giddy with expectation, you kiss, a full, passionate kiss. The lust for one another takes over and you invite her back to yours. Walking through the door of your flat, you begin to kiss again. But she stops you and asks to use the bathroom so she can freshen up. You pour some wine and put your most seductive choice of music on. It’s not long till you are kissing again. You start pulling at her clothes, she pulls at yours, soon you are both standing in your living room with only your underwear on. She suddenly asks if you could turn the lights off, so there is just the light from the adjacent room illuminating the room you are in.

You have a hunch she doesn’t want to be seen naked in the light. Too many women have body hang-ups that make them self-conscious when it comes to sex. Men get the greatest pleasure by absorbing the visuals and taking everything in. By this I don’t just mean being able to see a glimpse of the two of you together in a mirror. The greatest of pleasure comes from being able to take mental photographs of the contours of a woman’s body, the way they look when they receive pleasure, etc. Guys love it when the light is on and nothing is restricted from view. Sexy strippers and London escorts know this because they are greatly appreciated for the way they look. If you’re with a woman that will ask for the lights to go off before you do anything, then you may need to assure her that she is body beautiful. Confidence is key. A woman who is self-assured and confident is more likely to be comfortable and less embarrassed about her body.

Body confidence works both ways. Men are plagued with doubt about their body or size of their manhood. However, it is highly unlikely that a man will allow these hang-ups to effect him from having sex. So, how do you help your woman with her body confidence levels? Strippers revel in the praise and admiration they receive from men. Giving compliments about a woman’s appearance can help boost her confidence. London escorts get a buzz and growth in confidence when they receive compliments from their male clients. It helps them feel sexy and admired. Just because you are thinking that the woman you are with is beautiful and sexy, doesn’t mean she knows it. She can’t read your thoughts. Give her unquantified amounts of compliments, but do so naturally and at measured intervals. Don’t go overboard; this will have the same effect of not saying anything at all. She will just think that you are saying those things to get her into bed. Strippers aren’t complimented into bed. They are appreciated for their body security and in turn this makes them more confident to do their job and equally feel much sexier.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this about charming your way into bed. This is about being honest and expressing, vocally and physically your adoration for the woman you’re with. This is to encourage her to enjoy being naked in your company and relaxing. Soon she’ll be revelling in the joy of being body confident and be keen to watch as much as you are.

Get Arty in N1

August 17th, 2011

The N1 escorts at Chic London cover the districts of Islington, Barnsbury, Kings Cross and Hoxton. The N1 postcode boasts a trendy scene; more specifically the Hoxton area. Hoxton is home to a bustling and colourful street market, which has been in existence since around 1687. A new generation of young arty types have populated the area and are now calling Hoxton home.

Situated in the heart of London’s contemporary art district, artists from all backgrounds and education exhibit here. Vyner Street is the growing vibrant north London art scene that all the young artist types are seen at. The first Thursday of every month is a great opportunity to go and experience the culture of a Private View night with the street art feel of its locale. Escorts in N1 will enjoy absorbing the artistic creations of aspiring new talents and partake in the free wine and beer that accompanies such events. Even if you aren’t a particular art-intelligent you will still enjoy the buzzing hipster scene and indulge in some art from upcoming talent.

If this is not appealing to you and you would like to enjoy an N1 scene that offers something a little more substantial, then perhaps head to Islington. With a mixture of street markets, chic boutiques and little patisseries Islington is a laid back area of London. It differs from other areas within the N1 postcode because it is a little more upmarket. A rich mix of shops, bars and restaurants; it is a great place to meet a N1 escort. The N1 neighbours of Shoreditch and Hoxton are so defined by their art scene that it isolates visitors that are perhaps not in to this scene. Although still promoting an arts and culture vibe, with its theatres and live music events; it also caters for those who are looking to experience a more eclectic London setting.

The N1 district offers some very exciting and interesting places to visit. Whether you are looking to book an escort for an outcall or perhaps meet a N1 escort in one of the districts; you are sure to have a fantastic time. Why not meet your N1 escort under the iconic Angel Clock Tower landmark that resides in the centre of Islington. They’ll be no waiting around either, the N1 escorts are always on time! All you need to do is visit our website, browse the gallery for a gorgeous N1 escort that takes you fancy and book a date with her. It’s really that simple.

Here Come The Girls

August 15th, 2011

Escort Fiction

When it came down to it, they knew that the night was going to wild. All of their nights out were wild. What do you expect when a group of sexy London escorts hit the town? The nights always start at one of the girls apartments. They begin the night by getting ready; this usually takes some time. They all congregate in the living space; swapping and changing items of clothing to get the desired look. As they are all part of the same network of the best escorts in London, they are all fairly established with looking their very best. This, however, does not stop them from taking their time in getting ready. The living room is a mass of colour and texture; skirts, tops, bras and tights all scattered in abundance. Whilst getting ready, the girls like to enjoy a few glasses of wine and listen to some music. The fun and lively atmosphere is a great way to get them in the mood. There is no better feeling then dressing to impress in your sexiest of outfits, killer heels and glamorous make-up. After a few tipples and shimmying on the laminate floor; it is time to head on out. Piling into a taxi, as demur as possible, the girls make their way in to town.

Whenever the girls go out together, they always attract lots of attention. Perhaps its because all of them are so stunning and know how to look their best. As some of the top escorts in London they know how to dress to what accentuates their figures. They head to one of the hottest and trendiest bars in town; nothing but the best for these girls. London escorts know how to make an entrance and these girls most certainly do. The bar is occupied with the young, wealthy men who are also out on a night out with friends. Walking through the doors to the bar; the girls giggle and whisper between themselves. There are eight of them. Eight stunning, leggy women, flawlessly dressed in tight, figuring hugging dresses, some in sheer shirts, flashing a hint of underwear. Eight gorgeous girls are enough to turn anyone’s head, let alone a room full of men. They head to the bar and order some cocktails. A regular haunt for most of the girls, they greet the barman with a smile. Alex knows the girls fairly well, socially and professionally. He knows their preferred tipple and is already lining them up in a row on the bar. ‘Do you want a tab like usual girls?” said the barman. “Yes,” they all replied in union. The girls look at each other and giggle. Leaning against the bar, sipping on an Apple Martini, swirling their straws seductively; it is not long till they are approached. A crowd always gathers when they are out together. Standing at the bar, mingling, taking in the atmosphere; the girls are relaxed and are enjoying their evening. This is a rare chance for them to let their hair down and completely and be themselves.

By the time the girls have almost finished their first cocktail, they have already been approached by a number of guys. Not all of them though. Some of the girls prefer to spend the night purely in the company of their friends; the others enjoy being approached by guys in these social situations. One of the girls, a brunette escort, fairly tall and exotically beautiful has already developed some admirers. It’s an exhilarating experience to be able to have your pick from a selection of guys all fighting for your attention. I suppose that’s what comes with being one of the top escorts in London. Armed with her fifth free drink of the night, she heads to the dance floor to join the others.

The girls are in the centre of the dance floor, drinks in hand. They greet their exotic, brunette stunner in a huddled hug, then continue dancing. As some of the best escorts around, the girls are used to dancing to the early hours with clients and are not afraid of partying hard. The hours while away, the girls dancing continuously, only to stop for toilet breaks. “You having a good time hun?” asked one of the girls. “Yeah, it’s so nice to be out with you girls. I feel so uninhibited,” replied the other girl. A track starts to play, the girls look at each other with smiles from ear to ear. ‘Here Come The Girls’ begins to play; the girls all scream a giddy exciting scream. Singing along to the words, the girls revel in a night of utter girliness.

The girls at Chic London escorts are some of London’s top escorts. They know how to have a good time and this doesn’t change when they are working. What’s important is, they will ensure you have a good time too. Browse the galleries on Chic and find you’re favourite escort to enjoy an evening of pure fun with!

Love Women of all Shapes and Sizes

August 10th, 2011

There has long been a media obsession with image. The way women look has become a popular topic of conversation within the news. It has been proven, medically that curvier women are more fertile than slim women and the appeal of a woman with a broader stature is actually quite popular. However, there is still a fundamental favouritism to the smaller women. The press, for a long time have been advocates of a slimmer woman and promote them as being far sexier. But do men want to date skinny women?

With the diet industry raking in around 1 billion pounds annually and on average more women then men on a diet, the question is “Why does the media pressurise women into shedding the pounds?” The obsession with ‘looking good’ and maintaining a certain figure has always existed. Idolising model-thin women is not healthy. The slim escorts at Chic London maintain a smaller figure but are not physically unhealthy. Keeping fit and healthy doesn’t have to result in an unhealthy body image.

The media, advertising and commercial fashion industry regularly use svelte, trim women to promote products. The preference is because there is this inbuilt notion that these are the women that are more physically attractive and nicer to look at. This view has been fed to the public and has been digested by many men who now hold the same belief. Men who prefer slim women are more than likely to actively seek women who are notably acceptable in society. Slim escorts in London are particularly sought after for their trim physique.

Perhaps it isn’t all men and the media that prefer a slimmer kind of women. Curvier women have their fans too. A woman who is busty up top, smaller in the middle and slightly wider at the waist/hips is generally a favourite with men who are looking for someone to date. Perhaps it is all about preference. After all taste is, well, a matter of choice. You may be attracted to slim women, in which case you prefer to date slender women or a slim escort. You may like women with a few more inches; the curvier, fuller woman. Therefore curvy escorts and those with a more womanly figure are more your type. Physical attraction is often spoken about and discussed within the media. To say a type of body image has ‘come in to fashion’ is ludicrous. Appearance is a personal thing; a personal taste. It seem that men prefer a women to be, for want of a better expression, ‘Miss Average’. A woman who is about 5ft 4in, a size 14, rounded hips and a bust size of around 36DD. This is the average preferred image that most men find attractive.

At Chic London escorts we have lots of women who differ in appearance. We guarantee we have something to suit all tastes. It’s really simple too. Just visit the website and browse through the gallery of girls until you find someone who is your type. There are lots of women to love that are all shapes and sizes. Slim escorts, curvy escorts, blondes or brunettes, the choice is endless; take your pick.

Don’t Let Chivalry Die

August 8th, 2011

What has happened to the gentleman? With the shift in the attitudes towards women and the belief, in the most part, that woman are an equal sex, have the gender roles for men changed too and why? Men have long been celebrated for their dominance and power in the office and home but have also been commended for their chivalry. There was once a time when men behaved in a courteous and loyal way towards women. The gentlemanly act of standing up when a woman enters the room, or assisting a woman to her seat at dinner, have long gone. This polite and gallant behaviour showed a respect for women and was not seen as being sexist. Today, there has been a shift. The correct thinking that women are equal to men has somehow adjusted the manners of men. Thankfully there are still some polite men out there but some believe that this old-fashioned behaviour is not needed these days.

What has happened to the virtues of many men out there? Just because there has been a surge of woman’s rights does not mean the attitudes of men should change. For some reason it seems that some men believe chivalry and equality cannot co-exist. But they can. Just because women have grasped the power of their opinions and actions, doesn’t mean that men should forget their manners. Conducting yourself with manly prowess is in fact a sign of respect and gratitude. Our lady-like escorts at Chic London escorts really appreciate spending time with men that are gentlemen. Someone that doesn’t understand how to treat a woman with deference will not progress on a date. Some women like the rough and read type; for some a bad man is a real turn on. Statistically this kind of relationships doesn’t show much durability. Today’s girls may appreciate a sexy, reprobate for some naughty fun but the likelihood of it lasting is nil. Men who show respect and care for the lady in their life tends to offer a higher chance of progression in a relationship. London escorts enjoy dates with gentlemen. They are classy and refined women who like a guy to treat them well and they too will treat you very well. This mutual politeness is something that should adhered to by men and women. Equality should exist for men and women in relationships.

There are a few things that are key when in the company of women. London escorts believe that you should always remember your manners; this will be the first step to ensuring a successful date. If you are on a date with a stunning escort woman then just because you are paying for her services does not mean you can treat her with little respect. Be on time; a gentlemen never keeps a lady waiting. Compliment her on her appearance – but be sure to steer clear of cheesy cliches. Be a good conversationalist. Showing an interest in your date will make her feel respected. Be prepared to pay for the bill. As a first date rule, this gentlemanly behaviour will go down really well. She may offer to go dutch; refuse this and remind her it is your pleasure to be on a date with her. Dates thereafter can be much more of an equal affair but this initial gesture will be dually noted. Towards the end of the date, let her know how much fun you have had. Judge the connection between you before you make a move. Jumping in for a kiss may be what you would like but you could undo all your good behaviour. Generally, a kiss on the cheek is a kind and respectable may to thank her and say goodbye. Do let her know you would like to see her again – but only if you do. Don’t lead her on. Women will appreciate honesty more than anything. Now you have some guidelines to follow you have no reason to act any other way then respectful.

Stag-Do Strippers

August 5th, 2011

The stag-do is usually a rite of passage that leads a man from bachelorhood to a more grown up role as a married man. In essence, it is a night that is dedicated to doing all the things you want to do that you won’t get away with once you are married. This is a chance to hold a party distinctly like no other. By tradition it is a night for drinking and debauchery. You may take a trip to a casino or a strip club or perhaps privately hire a stripper as a ‘special’ present for the groom. This is a night where the best man needs to out-do himself. He is the guy in charge; trying to ensure the groom has a night he’ll never forget, or perhaps one that he should most definitely forget! We know being the best man is a daunting job; but it isn’t everyday your best mate gets married, is it? Once you’ve sat down and written your speech (which your still not sure about), it is time to organise the stag-do. Nightmare! You need to get it right, or else not only will your friends wife-to-be dislike you, you and your mate might fall out too. Make sure you get clear guidelines on what is acceptable.

The most likely thing would probably be to head to the pub. After downing a few pints and heading to a nightclub your best man might have a few other ideas for the rest of the night. What’s the first thing you think of when you mention ‘Stag-do’? Stripper? The two have a notable association with one another. It’s what you have come to expect a stag-do to consist of. Providing the groom-to-be is comfortable with having a stripper at his stag-do, this can be a fun and sexy gift to give this soon to be married man. The art of strip-tease is one of the most sexiest things a man can witness. There is nothing more pleasurable then watching a stunning woman slowly peel items of her clothes off. All the escorts at Chic London escorts are trained in the art of exotic dancing. The look but you can’t touch method applies here; they’ll just tease you in to a frenzy. If you’re a best man looking to treat your friend to something a little special for his stag-do, then why not book him a Chic London stripper. They are sexy, skilled and will provide one of the hottest nights of his single life.