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Have you ever heard the phrase “barking mad”? Many residents think the phrase originated in this region due to the Barking insane asylum however the phrase appeared in the 20th century and it’s more likely it originated due to comparisons between an insane person and a rabid or mad dog. It’s up to you to decide which you prefer to believe!

The name of the town originated from descendents of a man named ‘Bereca’ meaning ‘the settlement by the birch trees’. Barking provided the location of Barking Abbey, a nunnery founded in 666. Explorer Captain James Cook lived and married in Barking and the region was known for it’s fishing from the 14th century right through until the 19th century. For a long time the fish were in fact captured and traded live until the introduction of ice allowed fish to be preserved. Originally fish were knocked on the head before sale and thus these fishmongers were known as “codbangers”. The fishing industry found itself in decline because the railway opened up greater transport of fish between areas, particularly with ice-cooled fish plus the gross pollution of the Thames meant that fish kept alive in water started to expire quicker due to the toxicity of the water. This rendered local traders less capable of being competitive and more likely to have compromised product.

The upside was that boat building was perfected as somewhat of a fine art in Barking and the area has been long renowned for producing and repairing commercial and pleasure craft.

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